Tien Yen district: Aquaculture strongly develops (20-02-2019)

In recent years, thanks to the focus on aquaculture development, Tien Yen district has solved the worries about jobs, thereby increasing income for local people in some communes in the district. In order to do this, the district has implemented many solutions, including focusing on applying technology to production, creating concentrated production areas, seeking markets, protecting the environment and aquatic resources, etc.
Tien Yen district: Aquaculture strongly develops

In Dong Rui commune, over the past time, many businesses and households have bravely invested in aquaculture. Accordingly, in the commune, there are more than 60 enterprises and aquaculture households, mainly shrimp farming. The biggest is Sao Dai Duong One Member Co., Ltd; with more than 100ha of white leg shrimp farming in the direction of industry; the remaining has about 20 aquaculture households with an area of ​​3-7 hectares.

Mr. Pham Van Chien, a resident of Dong Rui commune, shared: “My family raised semi-industrial white leg shrimp in Thuong village, consisting of 2 ponds, an area of ​​about 5,000m2. Every year, my family has to harvest 2 times, each time brings about VND 200 million of interest. In the coming time, I plan to invest in the industrial direction with 3-phase electric power system combining with using canvas to increase higher density and reduce disease”.

According to Mr. Ngo Thanh Trinh, Vice Chairman of Dong Rui Commune People's Committee, 2018 is also considered a quite positive year for the commune's aquaculture. The total output of the commune's aquatic and seafood products reached 819.8 tons, of which the exploitation reached 462.8 tons, the aquaculture reached 357 tons; aquaculture area reached 301.27ha; the total value of fishery production reaches more than VND 30 billion. As a result, aquaculture is an industry that brings many benefits to the people here.

Not only Dong Rui commune, developing aquaculture is an effective direction for many communes in the districts ofHai Lang, Dong Ngu, Dong Hai, etc. According to the sub-Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, it is estimated that the total output of fishery in 2018 of the district reached 7,300 tons (equal to 105.1% compared to 2017), of which aquaculture production reached 3,462 tons. Aquaculture area in 2018 reached 1,432ha (reaching 112.2% compared to 2017). The total number of aquatic laborers is up to 3,445, of which the farmed laborers are 1,670.

In order for aquaculture activities to be effective, in October 2018, the district sub- Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has collaborated with the Fisheries Department organized 2 classes of disseminating safe aquaculture techniques for 100 farmers in two communes of Dong Ngu and Dong Hai. Along with that, the district also actively controlled the disease situation on farmed shrimp.

On the other hand, the District Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also cooperated with the Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, People's Committees of Dong Hai, Dong Ngu, Hai Lang and Dong Rui commune organized 2 technical training classes to help people improve knowledge of methods to prevent and treat EMS and white feces on aquatic animals.

The results achieved in 2018 are a premise for Tien Yen district to continue developing aquaculture, contributing to the socio-economic development of the district in a sustainable manner. Accordingly, in 2019, Tien Yen district is expected to reach over 8,100 tons of aquatic products, of which aquaculture production reaches over 3,500 tons. According to Mr. Luc Van Long, Deputy Head of District Agriculture and Rural Development Department, this year, the district will focus on developing the target of raising white leg shrimp, black tiger shrimp, expanding the scale of intensive and semi-intensive farming up 300ha.

Along with that, to develop effective aquaculture, reduce risks for farmers, the application of science and technology to improve productivity and product quality will be focused on implementation by the district. At the same time, the district will also strengthen prevention and control of diseases in aquaculture; focusing on investment in synchronous infrastructure in concentrated aquaculture areas, especially in areas with detailed planning; organize production towards improving product value to ensure food safety and environmental friendliness.

Thu Hoan

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